Celler 9+ - Moisès Virgili - Mèdol Selecció 1R Macabeu - 2021 -12,5% - vdm (regio Tarragona)


Macabeu is generally considered a component of cava, a grape for blending. This native variety is ready to steal the show when it reaches a certain age and is picked relatively early.

The main masters of this 1st wine of 9+ Selecció are the old vines of Macabeu with low yields, organic farming and the constant ripening of the grapes helped by La Marinada, the sea breeze.
Blend 100% Macabeu

Once harvested, the grapes macerate for 38 days with the skins at 15-18ºC and are pressed. The low pressure wine is separated from the high pressure wine. 9 months of rearing and weekly steering of lees characterize our macabeo.
A wine free of additives, only grapes!

The aroma is intricate and attractive. We find varietal aromas with hints of hay, citrus and white flowers. There are also sweet undertones: a toasted background, cinnamon, caramel, quince, honey.
In the mouth it is fresh and structured with a marked tannin and nerve due to its citrus touches. The finish is long with the presence of honey and anise. If this sounds very complex, it really is not, this wine is the most accessible white in our special selection.
We recommend decanting all of our Selecció 9+, as it is bottled with a small percentage of lees to improve its evolution over time. We also recommend serving cold.

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