Loverbeer - Valter Loverier - BeerBrugna 2014 - 37,5cl - 7% - 10°P

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Sour Aged Ale - Top Fermented Beer

This beer is inoculated by wild yeasts (Brettanomyces included) and lactic bacteria,both present in lambic spontaneous fermentation.
Small, dark and very sweet Damaschine variety plums (also called Ramassin in Piedmontse dialect) are added in steeping to restart a new fermentation to characterize the product.

"The unique use of Damaschine plums gives to this extraordinary beer a lot of warm and sensuous fruity notes, facing clear, though never too aggressive, sour and citric flavors. Despite its low pH, this unique beer is well balanced thank to a remarkable fullness and to impressive fruity flavors persisting for a long time." - Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska