Loverbeer - Valter Loverier - Nebiulin-a 2011-2014 - 37,5cl - 8% - 10°P

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Sour Aged Ale – Top Fermented Beer

Blend of three years to which is added Nebbiolo grapes (harvest year in red in the neck label) typically used for Barolo wine from vineyards of La Morra village.

"Eye catching color from orange tending to copper, with typical off-flavors softened by fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry, black cherry and pomegranate as well as floral notes dominated by fleshy roses with lighter shades of violet. In the mouth we can detect sour, vinous and fruity notes announced in olfaction, giving freshness that goes well with a pleasant sensation ensuring balance, harmony and drinkability to a very original beer representing “the missing link between beer and grapes”. Perfect served before a meal, could positively surprise with dishes impossible to pair with wines, such as anchovy fillets or calf slices both marinated in vinegary sauce. " - Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska