Domin & Kusicky - David Kušický - Hey Mate! - 2021 - Stredoslovenská

100% Pinot Noir
"The story of this wine should begin in Australia. Not because of the imported wine, but because of the time I spent with my friends at the Commune of Buttons winery. The goal was not to imitate them, but to show gratitude and approach wine the way I saw it and got to know it in the Adelaide Hills. The name "Hey mate" as a daily greeting and semi-carbonated as wine, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Highly fruity and light, simply semi-carbonated Pinot noir from the Pustatina vineyard without any intervention or sulphur.”

Hon: Viničky I.
Odroda:Pinot Noir
Ročník: 2021
Volume: 0,75 l
Alcohol: 12,5 obj %
Residual sugar: 0,06 g/l
Total acids: 5,09 g/l
Total sulfur dioxide: 24 mg/l
Catalog number: BV0012022

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