YS8005 - Terada Honke - Katori 90 Namagen - 18% - 180cl


Brewery Terada Honke
Type Junmai kimoto muroka nama genshu shizenshu
Content 720 ml, 1800 ml
Rice polishing % 90%
Prefecture Chiba
Alcohol % 18%
Sake Meter Value +5
Acidity 3.5
Serving Drink at all temperatures

This is the unpasteurised and undiluted (nama genshu) version of Katori 90. Sake as it was made a few centuries ago. True ‘liquid rice’ in taste, colour and aroma. All ingredients and elements are premodern: organic rice, natural yeast, slow-brew kimoto, unfiltered. The ‘90’ in the name is the polishing percentage and indicates that the rice was also polished in a pre-modern way, merely 10%.
All this results in a very strong rice bran taste and lactobacillus acidity.
This unpasteurised and undiluted version is extremely limited (Yoigokochi only!) and needs to be prereserved.

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